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            Moon Cult was born in 2020, amid the lockdown of the covid pandemic.  In its early development, Moon Cult existed only as a small apothecary shop- offering nine herbal tincture blends, and nothing more. Throughout the years since these humble beginnings, Moon Cult has grown into a thriving boutique and community for dedicated witches who want to grow and develop their magical practice. 

Under this banner, you will find : 

  • A dedicated Patreon group, for research deep-dives, monthly meet ups, and live lectures on magic & the occult

  • An apothecary shop filled with ritual tools, altarwares, and seasonal herbcraft

  • An ever-changing curriculum of lectures, workshops, pop-ups, and rituals designed to help you expand your magical skills and deepen your craft


meet the witch

            My name is Melissa Jayne Madara, and I'm a witch, author, and educator based in New York City. You may know me through Catland Books, my now-closed occult bookshop in Brooklyn, or through one of my two books, The Witch's Feast & The Witch's Workshop. As a writer, I love discussing plant magic, herbcraft, and presenting deep analysis of historical spells and charms. Most of my research is centered in the magical traditions of classical antiquity, but you can find me writing about folklore, mythology, and rituals from the ancient world all the way through the modern era. I'm passionate about making witchcraft accessible and easy to learn, while providing high-quality research and education to those who want to pick up this work for themselves.

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