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An incense crafted to assist in seeking visions, divinations, or consecrating ritual tools for such a purpose. This blend is comprised of some of the most important prophecy-giving herbs of the witch's canon- bay, yarrow, and frankincense- inoculated with a handmade galbanum extract. 


Incense pearls like these may be out of fashion, but they were an incredibly common and useful way to make incense in the ancient world. This allows the practitioner to evenly parcel their incense, and ensure an even burn and consistent fragrance. Burn these pearls on top of lit charcoal in a heat-proof dish or incense burner. 


Hand-rolled incense pearls, packed in a reusable 2 oz tin

Use in offerings & spellwork where divination and seeking information by magical means is the objective. 

Divination Incense Pearls

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