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I am the favor of the Aion

My name is a heart girt with a serpent

Come forth and follow

- The Headless Rite


Inspired by the poetry of The Headless rite, also called the Stele of Jeu within the Greco-Egyptian Papyri, this oil incorporates herbs symbolic of both the heart and the serpent. Rose petals and extracts represent the heart, serving to hydrate and nourish the skin in a Venusian fashion. Basil, a plant of Mars, Venus' opposite, is also sometimes associated with snakes in folklore, as a remedy against snakebites and a charm against the Basilisk. This blend specifically incorporates tulsi basil, which keeps skin clear and vibrant. In this oil, the two fragrances entertwine and coil about one another, joined by the holy aromatic of frankincense, symbolic of a divine nature. This plant contains boswellic acids, known for preventing wrinkles and fine lines, as deeply nourishing skin. 


Comes in a reusable 2oz bottle with pump applicator.

Use in ritual, as skincare, or however you wish.


Ingredients : grapeseed oil, rose petal extract, holy basil extract, frankincense resin, bulgarian rose essential oil, basil essential oil, vitamin E

Heart Girt with a Serpent All-Over Anointing Oil

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