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A nourishing, richly infused all-over anointing oil for ritual and skincare. Naturally fragranced with the deep-green fragrances of mugwort, oakmoss, and cedar wood, producing a rich green serum, infused and decanted upon the full moon.


This blend is infused with both fresh and dried mugwort, as well as mugwort essential oil. Mugwort is an important herb of the moon for witches, as it is said to be assistive in divination and in calling congress with spirits. In the doctrine of signatures, this herb is corresponded to the moon by reason of its cold, herbaceous fragrance, the silver undersides of its leaves, and its propensity for calling down powerful dreams. The Latin name for this herb, Artemisia, arises from the name of the Greek lunar goddess, Artemis. 


The fragrance of this blend is perfectly unisex, and evokes the deep green and earthy fragrance of the forest's edge, the wayside hedge, where mugwort tends to grow. When used in regular skincare, this herb is warming upon the skin and soothing to sore joints. 

Moon Potion All-Over Anointing Oil

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