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A perfumed mist honoring the various expressions of the sacred rose. A luxurious, hydrating facial toner, made from organic rose-and-calendula-infused witch hazel, aloe vera, and rose & frankincense hydrosols. This blend also contains a vitamin-C rich rose hip extract, carrying a gentle rose & basil fragrance. Sweet, spicy, herbaceous, and aromatic. 


Frankincense hydrosol contains boswellic acid, which can reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, keeping skin looking healthy. While rose and aloe are extremely hydrating, witch hazel can help reduce redness and remove excess oil from the skin. 


Use after washing your face, followed by a lightweight moisturizer or face oil. Reapply as-needed to feel refreshed and to hydrate skin on the go. 


Comes in a 2 reusable glass bottle with atomizer. 

Sacra Rosa Facial Toner

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