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A nourishing, richly infused all-over anointing oil for beard, body, hair, and face. Naturally fragranced with the woody and resinous perfumes of poplar, patchouli, labdanum, cedar, and clove. Inspired by the mythology of the feral, amorous Satyr, the horned lover amongst the ivy, an animal sensuality. 


Recently upgraded from slim 4 dram dropper bottles into large, 2 ounce full size bottles with application pumps. Reusable and recyclable.


Light and antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil, infused with patchouli leaves, dried poplar buds, and pure labdanum resin. The fragrance is perfectly unisex, sweetened only by the infusion of whole vanilla pods. The oil is finished with my own hand-distilled clove essential oil and vitamin E- a natural preservative and antioxidant, well regarded for its profound skin-nourishing effects. 


This blend has a light fragrance in the bottle, but comes alive when it is warmed on skin, and makes a beautifully fragrant addition to skincare or a nourishing massage oil. Use in rituals for honoring the god Pan, or calling the qualities of the satyr into oneself. 

The Satyr All-Over Anointing Oil

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