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** This listing is for the final batch of this recipe, as it is too expensive and precious to reproduce. As such, this incense is of incredibly limited stock, and once sold out, will not reappear. A new, more sustainable Sun Incense recipe will be released once this blend is gone. 


An incense crafted of solar herbs. Intended for use in the home or in ritual, particular when working areas of solar concern : exorcism, financial magic, magic to increase visibility in one's career, magic against depression and self-hatred, divination regarding destiny, seeking truth, or magic regarding physical wellbeing. Frankincense, labdanum resin, rosemary, cedar, bay, calendula, and home-grown sunflower petals. 


Incense pearls like these may be out of fashion, but they were an incredibly common and useful way to make incense in the ancient world. This allows the practitioner to evenly parcel their incense, and ensure an even burn and consistent fragrance. Burn these pearls on top of lit charcoal in a heat-proof dish or incense burner. 


Hand-rolled incense pearls, packed in a reusable 2 oz tin
Use in offerings & spellwork where solar concerns are the objective. 

The Sun Incense Pearls / Limited Edition

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