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The Green Witch Apprenticeship
The Green Witch Apprenticeship

Thu, May 30



The Green Witch Apprenticeship

A five-week intensive instructing on the theory, practice, and formulae of green magic and medicine-making

Time & Location

May 30, 2024, 6:00 PM EDT – Jun 27, 2024, 9:00 PM EDT



About the event

After a one year hiatus, the Green Witch Apprenticeship is returning for summer 2024 ✨

This five week, ten+ hour series will present a deep introduction to the art of herbcraft in magic and medicine. We will share information about herbal medicine making, plant sorcery, mythology, and green magic, providing theoretical and practical foundations for working with plants in your craft. This series is suited for witches seeking to deepen their knowledge of green magic, or budding herbalists who wish to

fortify their practice with spiritual context. Come all students, of all perspectives and experience levels, to explore the green

mysteries with us!

This event will be recorded for all ticketholders. Students may join the course anytime before June 27th, and will recieve recordings of all missed lectures to catch up along the way. If you miss our live class for any reason, recordings will always be sent along afterward.

All classes take place 6-9pm EST. Please see the schedule below for details. 

May 30th - WEEK 1 – Introduction to Plant Allyship, Correspondences, & Materia Magica

This lecture will cover the philosophy of plant magic and how to access relationships with plants, plant spirits, and the

divinities associated with the natural world. We will be introducing concepts around plant sorcery and allyship which will be

the foundation for our magical perspective in relating to plants for the rest of this course. This class will also cover the

anatomy of plants, and the magical correspondences of these various systems.

June 6th - WEEK 2 – Spirits & Mythologies of the Verdant World

The mythology & lore of plants can be incredibly useful to the witch, and will often give us clues to the magical

correspondences and subtle natures of plants within the narrative. Join us for a storytelling session & analysis of some key

themes of plant folklore and mythology, in an effort to examine what humans are really talking about when we're telling

stories about plants.

June 13th - WEEK 3 – Harvesting, Foraging, & Magical Gardening

This lecture will explore the lore & ritual of traditional harvesting practices in European witchcraft, paying special attention

to the tools, charms, and methods of gathering magical plants. Students will also receive detailed information on

germinating and growing magical plants at home, as well as a useful primer on foraging for herbs in your own bioregion.

June 20th - WEEK 4 – Apothecary Science Lab

This lecture will feature detailed descriptions and demonstrations of several different apothecary preparations, from herbal

extractions to hand-blending incense. Students will have a chance to see step-by-step procedures for these techniques, giving

the class a comprehensive understanding of how plant medicines work and how they are applied.

June 27th - WEEK 5 – Charms and Spells of the Green Path

This fnal lecture will explore the applications of plants as ritual aids, entheogens, talismans, and powerful components of

spellwork. From plant divinations to magical potions, we'll look at various techniques and technologies involving plants and

discuss their history and place in within the witch's practice.


  • 5-week admission

    +$3.00 service fee



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