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readings & magical coaching

In addition to live classes and lectures, Melissa is also available for divination services and one-on-one classes upon request. Please take a look at the services on this page, and request an appointment with the form below.

tarot readings

Melissa has been offering tarot readings for 10+ years, providing clarity and insight to thousands. Their readings are light, patient, and querent-driven, centered on the idea that the right question is often a key to deeper understanding. A second generation diviner and double-Gemini, Melissa's reading style is frank and conversational, leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for helpful answers.

$60 / 30 minutes

$100 / 60 minutes

spellwork consultations

Have a spell or ritual in mind, but don't know where to start? Spellwork consults  are mini-classes, offering detailed, step-by-step instructions for casting whatever charms you need. Drawing upon their historical research and practical knowledge of witchcraft, Melissa will walk you through the basics, offering advice and further resources to get you started in the right direction.

$75 / 30 minutes

$110 / 60 minutes

magical coaching

If you have a specific topic, skill, or interest you'd like to explore, Melissa offers one-on-one classes and coaching sessions on a range of subjects relevant to their practice and research. From divination to herb lore to historical spells and charms, Melissa will design a custom lesson plan on the topic of your choice, inclusive of reference documents, further reading, and technique demonstration. 

$80 / 30 minutes

$150 / 60 minutes

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