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A hand-crafted tincture of wild-harvested ghost pipe (monotropa). This mysterious plant produces white, translucent, mushroom-like flowers, which in turn yield a brilliant purple tincture that is prized among herbalists. This plant is often cited as being useful in managing intense pain, severe anxiety and panic, and insomnia. Because of Etsy's policies regarding health information, you can find other botanical details about this plant and it's properties here :


The ghost pipe in this batch was sustainably foraged in the NY state Catskill Wilderness Area. 


This tincture is *NOT* recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing, or in conjunction with stimulants / ADHD prescriptions. This tincture is meant to be used for acute concerns, and not as a daily, ongoing practice. 


Tinctures are produced in 192-proof vodka (Spyritus). 2 dram bottle with glass dropper. Recommended dose is 3-5 drops on the tongue as-needed. Bottle contains around 100 doses.


It is always the best practice to consult a doctor before beginning a new herbal regimen, especially if you are currently taking medications or navigating chronic health conditions.


Our packaging is designed to be recycled and re-used.

Ghost Pipe Tincture

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