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A powerful, fragrant salve to sooth aching joints, sore muscles, stiffness, and to increase circulation. Made from hemp oil, infused for three hours with three potent medicines- mugwort, juniper, and saint john's wort. These three plants work in tandem to soften aches and pains, loosen tense muscles, and bring a rush of oxygen-rich blood to stiff joints.  Hempseed oil contains also arginine, an amino acid which contributes to cardiovascular health.


This balm is set with organic beeswax and vitamin E, a natural preservative and antioxidant which softens skin and protects skins cells from damage. Massage into joints or areas of muscle pain and allow to absorb into the skin. 


Comes in 1oz reusable tins. Contains enough for at least 25+ uses, if not more.

Juniper Joint Salve

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