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A handcrafted oolong tea blend, made from linden flower, lemon balm, pine needles, birch bark, and oolong tea. Each of these herbs are under the rulership of Jupiter in planetary herbalism, making this tea a useful ally to those working jovian magic, or as an accompaniment to rituals of Jupiter. 


Flavor notes : Sweet, malted, light citrus


Themes : fortune, abundance, refinement, admiration, opportunity, luck, expansion, devotion, faith, law.
Forms of magic : business & career magic, luck, magic regarding legal matters, conjuring opportunity, magic to garner influence, magic to facilitate growth, benefic magic in all forms. Works against Saturn influences. 


Contains caffeine.
Packed in a 4oz tin / contains ~12-15 servings

Jupiter Tea - pine, linden, oolong

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