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A handcrafted herbal tea blend, made from elderflower, mugwort, hops, marshmallow root, and chamomile. Each of these herbs are under the rulership of the moon in planetary herbalism, making this tea a useful ally to those working lunar magic, or as an accompaniment to rituals of the moon. 


Flavor notes : Herbaceous, bitter, floral


Themes : intuition, illusion, clairvoyance, emotions, the subconscious mind, dreams, purity, spirits of the dead.
Forms of magic : cleansing, purification, divination, dreamwork, trance, meditation, cursing the guilty, obfuscation and invisibility magic, speaking with the dead, work regarding emotional security & stability. 


Does not contain caffeine.
Packed in a 4oz tin / contains ~12-15 servings

Moon Tea - chamomile, mugwort, elderflower

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