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Moon Cult & CatSnake Design are proud to share an exciting new collaboration- hand-drawn magical sticker packs for witches, illustrated by artist Zoe Brice (


The Planetary Seals sticker pack features the original illustrations for the sigils of the seven spheres featured in Heinrich Cornelious Agrippa's 16thC tome "Three Books of Occult Philosophy." This text is a treasure trove of occult history, correspondences, folklore, and magical praxis, still popular almost 600 years since it's publication. As these are magical symbols, their use in spells and operations represents the intelligence of these planetary spheres, with this sticker pack offering a novel, modern way of interacting with these medieval glyphs. This pack includes one additional sticker of the Moon Cult crescent and snake.


4x6" sheets. Glossy and durable. 

Planetary Sigils Sticker Sheet

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