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A handcrafted black tea blend, made from blackberry leaf, cornflower, elderberry, horsetail, and lapsang souchong- a smoky, fermented black tea. Each of these herbs are under the rulership of Saturn in planetary herbalism, making this tea a useful ally to those working saturnine magic, or as an accompaniment to rituals of Saturn. 


Flavor notes : Earthy, smoky, slightly sweet


Themes : restriction, decay, responsibility, return, death, limits, timelessness, discipline
Forms of magic : necromancy, curses, funerary rites, protection, apotropaic magic, enforcing boundaries, self-discipline, malefic magic in all forms. Works against Jupiter influences. 


Contains caffeine.
Packed in a 4oz tin / contains ~12-15 servings

Saturn Tea - elderberry, horsetail, smoked black tea

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