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The Meadow is a gentle facial polish inspired by the ecological politics of fields and meadows. These spaces exude vitality, and exist as fertile grounds for feasting and for nurturing new life. This is true of the mice which run between the weeds, the deer who feasts upon the flowers, and the insects which scream invisibly from the grasses. Inspired by the fertility and cooperation of these ecologies, The Meadow features a blend of whole and powdered flowers, grasses, leaves, and roots which work together to produce a deeply cleansing facial scrub.


Made from organic beet sugar and organic vegetable glycerine, mixed with a blend of whole herbs and nourishing extracts that exfoliate and nourish the skin. Wheatgrass and matcha powders help to clear skin, while the antioxidants in carrot seed extract and vitamin E reduce signs of aging and reverse sun damage. Whole crushed lavender and wild goldenrod flowers lend their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial powers to this blend, reducing redness and treating acne. 


Moon Cult Herbs is proud to work toward reducing our dependence on cane sugar. As the sugarcane industry continues to decimate the ecosystems of Southern Florida, it is imperative that we find alternatives. While beet sugar still comes with an environmental toll, it is much more sustainable than the production of cane or palm sugar. 


TO USE : Dampen skin, and gentle rub a chickpea-sized amount across your face and neck in small circles. Rinse away when sugar is dissolved, wash your face, and follow with moisturizer. To help avoid introducing water to the jar, each order is included with a small bamboo spoon for portioning. 


Sold in 2 oz glass jars, containing 20+ applications.


Contains organic beet sugar, vegetable glycerine, matcha, wheatgrass, lavender flowers, goldenrod, carrot seed extract, vitamin e, clary sage essential oil

The Meadow Facial Polish

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