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A handcrafted green tea blend, made from chrysanthemum and calendula petals, cedar fronds, roasted dandelion root, and genmaicha - a blend of green tea leaves and toasted rice. Each of these herbs are under the rulership of the sun in planetary herbalism, making this tea a useful ally to those working solar magic, or as an accompaniment to rituals of the sun. 


Flavor notes : Toasted, golden, grassy


Themes : ego, personality, wealth, fame, prosperity, confidence, joy, vitality, integrity, talent, prophecy, clarity.
Forms of magic : works against Saturnine influences, exorcism, financial magic, magic to increase visibility in one's career, magic against depression and self-hatred, divination regarding destiny, seeking truth.


Contains caffeine.
Packed in a 4oz tin / contains ~12-15 servings

The Sun Tea - dandelion, cedar, genmaicha

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