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ELDERBERRY ELIXIR is a potion with a two handed nature; part medicine, part magic. A syrup made from fresh elderberries, fortified by a powerful elderberry tincture, produces a luscious purple potion that delivers a high-strength dose of wild medicine. By cooking down hand-picked Catskill elderberries with organic cane sugar, their delicious flavor is preserved- one of the last fruits to ripen before fall. This is an alcoholic preparation, with a flavor that is like a brandy or liqueur, with a slightly higher proof. 33% ABV / 66 proof


Elderberries are famous as a remedy for coughs, fevers, and respiratory infections, but they also contain high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory anthocyanin. Many studies have also shown that elderberry can lower cholesterol and reduce fat in the blood, contributing to overall heart health. Some research even suggests that elderberry may have antidepressant properties. It is not recommended to take elderberry if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking immunosuppressants. 


Magically, elder is associated with second sight and divination, as an herb of the moon- particularly associated with the new moon phase. Elder is sought in communion with the dead, and the seeking of oracles by divination or in dream. It is a protective plant, but one that must be approached with respect and courtesy. These berries were picked with songs given to the Elder Mother, and offerings given to the land in return. 


Made from hand-picked wild elderberries from deep within the Catskill Forest Preserve, on Munsee Lenape land. 

Sold in 2 oz reusable glass dropper bottles, containing 50+ servings. Shake well. 

Wild Elderberry Elixir

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